英語・英会話 リーディングプラザ



>>問題(1) −有害物質の流出事故による環境破壊−

Spain's notoriously divided environmental pressure groups have joined in a declaration that the situation, because of its unusual nature, is much worse than is claimed by the regional and national authorities; the disaster, they say, is full of the potential for delayed effects.

>>問題(2) −地下の微生物が教えてくれること−

The discovery of the strange microbes in the South African gold mine convinced the scientists that further study of the underground world is absolutely necessary if we are to understand how life has evolved on Earth.

>>問題(3) −万年筆のコレクション−

Now that this Golden Age is giving way to a new ear of writing technologies, from rollerball pens to computers, it rests with the ordinary collector, like me, to keep the fountain pen and its stories alive.

>>問題(4) −通信技術革命−

E-mail is, apparently, merely letter writing by a different means. Looking at it more closely, however, we find that this new medium of communication is bringing about significant changes in the nature of human contact as well as in our ability to process information.

>>問題(5) −通信技術革命−

Looking at the impact of the emergence of these communication tools on our social landscape, the change occurring in telephonic communication may seem the greater of the two because it is so obvious, on the street, in the elevator, in the restaurant.

>>問題(6) −人と嘘−

In general, even highly trained lie-catchers, like judges and customs officials, perform, when tested, not much better than chance. In other words, even the experts would have been right almost as often if they had just tossed a coin.

>>問題(7) −日用品の美的価値−

Had they been presented as works of art, I would have seen something more than an object, something deeper in the way forms can take on a life of their own and create enduring values.

>>問題(8) −個人としての科学者と集団−

Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica is commonly thought to be the climax of the seventeenth century's scientific revolution, a great burst of systematic, ordered, and empirical science - though preceding Newton were great successes in physiology and astronomy.

>>問題(9) −国際共通語としてのエスペラント−

The fact that all of these languages were associated with a particular country, race, or culture meant that they lacked the neutrality any international language would need in order to be accepted.

>>問題(10) −有害物質の流出事故による環境破壊−

He pointed out that the weight of the toxic material which poured out of the damaged reservoir at the mine was almost four times as great as that released in the Exxon Valdez oil tanker disaster of 1989, an accident that is widely regarded as having been the world’s worst single incident of this type.