英語・英会話 リーディングプラザ



>>問題(1) −インドのごみリサイクル産業−

This informal economy, with its recycling-based business model, seems to be doing the city a great service.

>>問題(2) −インドのごみリサイクル産業−

In India, waste collection, recycling, and disposal are conducted by government agencies, informal groups, and private companies.

>>問題(3) −イギリスのウェールズ地方の灯台を舞台にした物語−

The very next year I was back in Wales - not on a holiday this time but running away from the war.

>>問題(4) −言語の消滅と多様化−

As we lose them, we lose fragments of our past, for languages represent the history of peoples, the accumulation of their experiences.

>>問題(5) −思春期の娘と母親の物語−

Jackie leant idly against the window frame, staring out at the beach in front of the house.

>>問題(6) −地下の微生物が教えてくれること−

For the investigators of earth's underground, the area of most interest is in some ways just as remote as a distant planet.

>>問題(7) −地下の微生物が教えてくれること−

They found that some samples contained much higher populations of microbes than expected.

>>問題(8) −人と嘘−

This quest to make the country safer may have implications for our everyday lives in the most unexpected ways.

>>問題(9) −根拠を示すことの重要性−

No person in the audience has any reason to believe that your opinion is right simply because you have voiced it.

>>問題(10) −有害物質の流出事故による環境破壊−

Many species of birds which spend the summer in the north of Europe, especially in Scandinavia, come to these wetlands and stay from early autumn to early spring.