英語・英会話 リーディングプラザ



>>問題(11) −サーフィンとハワイ文化の関係−

By the end of the 18th century, when the first Europeans visited Hawaii, surfing was already deeply rooted in many centuries of Hawaiian legend and culture.

>>問題(12) −聞き取りによる歴史−

The narrator not only recalls the past but also asserts his or her interpretation of the past.

>>問題(13) −地下の微生物が教えてくれること−

Ignoring the noise, the physical discomfort, and the very real danger of accidents, the researchers got to work.

>>問題(14) −国際共通語としてのエスペラント−

For an English speaker, Esperanto is reckoned to be 5 times as easy to learn as Spanish or French, 10 times as easy as Russian, and 20 times as easy as Arabic or Chinese.

>>問題(15) −日用品の美的価値−

This was a far more carefully thought-out design than I had ever imagined.

>>問題(16) −見ず知らずの人とのかかわり方−

If you were asked to fall backward into the arms of a stranger, would you rely on the other person to catch you?

>>問題(17) −人間の特異性−

Nor are our problem-solving skills so remarkable.

>>問題(18) −科学技術と人間の幸福−

Unless we want to go back to a pre-industrial world, we will not be able to protect the environment without the use of science.

>>問題(19) −人と嘘−

These are the lies we teach our children to tell; we call them manners.

>>問題(20) −個人としての科学者と集団−

In the 1980s, British scientists produced proof that the stratospheric ozone has partially disappeared over Antarctica.