英語・英会話 リーディングプラザ



>>問題(1) −科学技術と人間の幸福−

I am not arguing for the mindless pursuit of scientific change; I am arguing against a mindless opposition to it.

>>問題(2) −人と嘘−

Many of these are harmless lies that allow us to get along with one another.

>>問題(3) −マダガスカルの開発と環境保全−

Park projects are also now helping local people to grow rainforest butterflies and sell them to butterfly zoos around the world, while tourism in the park is also bringing many benefits to local communities.

>>問題(4) −万年筆のコレクション−

For collectors, an item's value is increased not only by how rare it is but also by how many colorful stories are told about it.

>>問題(5) −有害物質の流出事故による環境破壊−

In the meantime, the metals in the mud - zinc, lead, copper, and silver - will be seeping into the soil, creating a hidden danger for humans.

>>問題(6) −プロの記憶術−

They performed just as well when they glanced at a board with intention to remember it.

>>問題(7) −アメリカのポニー・デー−

It is a fact of modern times that global tourism is the best way to preserve local customs; without their popularity with huge crowds of tourists each summer, it is likely that wild ponies would not be allowed to survive.

>>問題(8) −都会に暮らす女性の帰郷を描いた物語−

The bed was new, the carpet was gray instead of green, and hanging from the ceiling was Henry's collection of model airplanes.

>>問題(9) −アメリカのポニー・デー−

It was difficult environmental conditions and isolation over centuries that created the "Chincoteague pony," which was originally a horse.

>>問題(10) −見ず知らずの人とのかかわり方−

They are equally good at recognizing others who will, say, give accurate directions to some destination or who will, at the very least, not actually attack them.