英語・英会話 リーディングプラザ



>>問題(11) −民主主義の理想と現実−

Democracy is unthinkable without the ability of citizens to participate freely in the governing process.

>>問題(12) −スポーツ選手へのアドバイス−

My fifty years of experience in teaching and encouraging top sports people have made me realize that total harmony in movement should resemble a fish in water.

>>問題(13) −万年筆のコレクション−

Once technology and design made the fountain pen more reliable, attention could turn to beauty and not just usefulness.

>>問題(14) −有名人を街で見かけたとき−

I'm not talking about the most famous media stars, but public figures, and experts who have participated in talk shows often enough to become recognizable.

>>問題(15) −マダガスカルの開発と環境保全−

Understanding that any program of wildlife protection would also have to pay attention to needs and traditional way of life of the local population, the Madagascar government has developed a program.

>>問題(16) −人を判断することの難しさ−

We generally give more weight to moral judgments than to judgments about how people look, or at least most of us do most of the time.

>>問題(17) −地下の微生物が教えてくれること−

No one could have guessed, until just a few years ago, that an important clue to as to where to search for life beyond our planet might be right here on Earth, beneath our feet.

>>問題(18) −言語の消滅と多様化−

The time may come, it has even been suggested, when the world will be dominated by just two languages.

>>問題(19) −読書の相互作用−

Although it is indeed the poet who gives verbal form to his or her ideas or vision, it is the readier who translates this verbal shape into meaning and personal response.

>>問題(20) −人間の特異性−

There is one extremely important difference between human and non-human intelligence, a difference which distinguishes us from all other species.